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Basic Style Makeover PLUS+

The Basic Style Makeover PLUS+ includes the Basic Style Makeover, PLUS whatever else is needed.  

I created the Basic Style Makeover PLUS+ because I noticed that many of my Basic Style Makeover clients had pin-pointed follow-up styling needs; each client with a different specific need. For some, it was another shopping trip; for others, it was filling in remaining wardrobe gaps with online purchases. They didn't need the comprehensive Complete Style Makeover overhaul - they just needed a little bit of extra help.

The Basic Style Makeover PLUS+ includes the Closet Edit, Shopping Trip and whatever else is needed. As with the Basic Style Makeover, I will remain available to you for basic style support, even after we've finished working together. (I'm available for more in-depth support for those who feel they need it, with the Style Subscription.)

By the end of this service, your wardrobe will be complete and you will be confident about what you like and how to put together outfits that resonate with your style.​ 

from 2700 NIS

"Working with Jennifer is like having a fairy godmother! She arrives at the right time and knows exactly what you need!" 

- Maryam Z., Poland

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