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The Basic Style Makeover is a month-long process, during which we will: 

  • Week 1: Identify your unique personal style.

  • Week 2: Go through your wardrobe (3 hours): decide what to keep, learn how to repurpose clothes to fit your style, and determine what you need to buy.​ 

  • Week 3: Shop (4 hours) to fill in the gaps in your collection. 

  • Week 4: Review and analyze. 

By the end of this month, you will be confident about what you like and how to put together outfits. I will remain available to you for one month's FREE style support. If you need more help, it's possible to purchase extra hours in your wardrobe, an online shopping tutorial, an extra shopping trip, or a monthly Style Subscription or whatever else you feel you need.


This package is customizable for those who are only interested in the Closet Edit (from 1500 NIS) or Shopping Trip (from 1600 NIS); or for those who need more than just the Closet Edit and Shopping Trip (2500 NIS and up) . 

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"My styling visits with Jennifer always leave me feeling so cared for! That's really important because as a mom of four small children, I spend most of my time caring for my family. I've learned so much about my style personality and how to accentuate my shape and coloring from our time together. The styles she brings together helps me to feel authentically like me, and that has healed something I didn't know needed healing!"

- Callie M., Israel

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