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I've lost count of how many women have told me things like: 
"I'd love to work with you, but my budget is tight."

"I want to focus on my style, but I have too much going on at the moment."

"I wish you could style me, but I'm far away!"

I have seen the transformative power of styling in my clients' lives.

It is life-giving & confidence-building.

But I realize that it's not financially feasible for everyone to work with me 1:1.


I wanted to find a way to provide more affordable access to personal styling.

And I wanted to create an encouraging community of empowered women whose shared goal it is to elevate their style.


the Style Society

Become a Founding Member!


✨ Lock in a discounted rate! 

The membership launches June 15th, at $35/month. 

Join me before the launch and pay only $25/month, payable quarterly ($75) or yearly ($250 - save $50!).

As a founding member, this price will never increase for you,

no matter how much membership fees rise in the future, as long as you remain subscribed. 

✨ Help shape the Style Society! 

Tell me what you want!

Share your style goals and influence the future of this amazing community.  

 Get a jump start on your style! 

Don't wait another day to ditch the frump and elevate your style.

Subscribe now!

Intrigued but still have questions? 

Go HERE to ask me anything!

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