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personal stylist Jennifer Nataf

Once we've already determined your style, cleansed your wardrobe and purchased the clothes you need, if you would still like to have me on call to ask for advice as events pop up, as you plan for trips, or as the seasons change, you can purchase a monthly Style Support subscription and I will be available to you, as needed.​

350 NIS / month

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"Clothes shopping has become so much easier! I had given up and was settling for less. But now I’m starting to realize that my dread of shopping had to do with what works and what doesn't work for my body type. I would try on things I liked, but then be so discouraged by how they looked on me. So I avoided it. 
But now I’m going shopping and finding great pieces. Thanks so much for helping me focus on what looks good on me."

- Heidi M., Canada

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