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​If you've ever wondered...

  • How do our clothes affect how we feel? How do they affect our cognitive skills?

  • How is style connected to our personality?

  • How can you find your own unique personal style?

  • What do you need to know (and have in your closet) so that you always look put together?

  • What universal principles of style work for everyone?

​My workshops are a fun, interactive and informative way to learn about your style. I cover topics you won't find on your typical stylist's YouTube channel.


If you're looking to host a workshop for women or a fun girls' night, this is a fabulous choice! I'll tailor the workshop to your audience and make sure it's age-appropriate and related to your topic of choice.

Various options available, depending on your needs. Cost varies according to location, and size of group. 

"I highly recommend this workshop. It was fun, interactive & informative. Jennifer has a way of speaking to all age groups and styles, while making everyone in the room feel beautiful and valued in their own style."

- Tamar S. (attended the "Style Personalities" workshop)

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