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It's that time of year again...

I turned on my air-conditioner for the first time this year. This is nature's (and technology's) signal for me to go through my closet and get out my summer clothes.

I'm a huge proponent of going through your closet periodically to remind yourself what's in there, to rediscover clothes you love but you haven't worn in a while, and to get out of the same-old, same-old rut of wearing your ruffled-chambray-shirt-and-black-tailored-pants-with-Chelsea-boots every Thursday. (Is it just me, or do you also suffer from the tendency to repeat the same particular combination of clothing on the same day of the week, week after week? Argh.)

But when it's been awhile since you've gone through your closet, no worries! Nature is sure to come along and force you to do it.

Like now!

It's getting hot. And I know that if I get out a just few of my summer items (thinking that I'll get the rest out later), I'm going to be running around every morning before work thinking: I don't want to wear any of these! Where is my navy Ralph Lauren scoop-necked t-shirt dress? I will waste time digging it out, and when I find it (success!), I will then discover that it needs to be steamed to get rid of the creases from storage. Or, I could discover that it no longer fits the way it did when I put it away, and I'll need to dig out some shapewear to put under it, or lose a few pounds before I can wear it. (Winter pounds, lockdown pounds...) And then I'll need to find something else to wear!

So this your reminder to spend some time this weekend going through your closet. Clear away items you know you won't need again for another 6 months and make room on your shelves and in your drawers. (Making sure to keep some cardigans and scarves within reach, for overly aggressive air-conditioning.)

Then take out your summer clothes (don't forget shoes, sandals and summer hats!) and try them on. See what you love and remind yourself what looks good with what. If there's something you don't love anymore, give it away or bring it to a secondhand shop. Steam or iron anything that needs it so it will be ready for you to wear.

You will start the week feeling like refreshed and ready to take on summer.

And when you're not late for work this week, you can send me a note to thank me!

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YES! I will finally do it on Sunday... Procrastinated all week long, and just have been fishing out the odd dress for me, and shirts and shorts for the kids EVERY. SINGLE. DAY....

Jennifer Nataf
Jennifer Nataf
Apr 16, 2021
Replying to

I TOTALLY sympathize! All my wise styling advice come from a wealth of horrible mistakes. I’ve learned what NOT to do! Go forth and conquer (your closet)!

I’m with you in spirit.

(Clueless GIF for inspiration!) ❤️

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