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Aro: Join the Cult

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

This is *not* a sponsored post (though I wish it were!). I'm just sharing my love and devotion for a brand that has earned it.

pinky brown Aros sneakers

Have you ever looked at one of those effortlessly chic women in a midi skirt, t-shirt and sneakers, or a body-con black dress, faded jean jacket and sneakers, and thought to yourself: "How on earth does she look so chic? She's wearing sneakers, for goodness' sake!"

(The secret is usually this: She's French. I know. That doesn't help the rest of us.)

While sneakers don't jive with my usual Classic style, a cute sneaker is a great wardrobe staple to be able to pull out when you need a flat walking shoe.

In my experience, though, finding a trendy sneaker that is both attractive AND cushy is nearly mission impossible. For years I would go to store after store, and try on shoe after shoe. The trendy sneaker, the "pretty" sneaker in a pastel colour with ribbons for laces, or a basic black satin, was never, EVER, actually comfortable. One salesgirl commiserated with me, saying with a shrug: "They're meant to be pretty, not comfortable."

And then one day, I was introduced to Aro. Specifically, the Joaneta sneaker*.

I tried on a pair and discovered that the sole, though thin, was very bouncy and SUPER comfy. They were light and airy, with mesh sides - perfect for the aeration of sweaty summer feet.

And they were cute! While it was hard to choose from the abundance of luscious colour combinations, I was drawn to a beautiful pair a metallic bronze Aros...

*sigh*... perfection.

metallic bronze Aro sneakers
Metallic bronze Aro Joanetas

As I wore them, I fell more and more in love.

So I bought a pair in platinum and black... and then another pair in a dark gray suede (their version of black)... and then another, in soft pretty shades of brown suede...

And I introduced my clients to Aros! So my clients fell in love with them, buying one pair, and then another... and then another...

Buy Aros = fall in love.

Once your eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of Aro, you begin to notice everyone else on the street wearing them. Men and women, feet adorned with the tell-tale O. It's as if you all belong to a secret club: the club of people who know and love Aro.

I call it a cult - because our devotion to this brand is so total and so deserved - and I invite my clients to join the cult.

You'll never go back to another fashion sneaker again.

Aro: Join the cult.

*In Israel, you can find them in various boutiques all over the country. I usually buy mine at Shoofra. They have them in a wide variety of scrumptious colour combinations, and there are both leather and vegan options. And they're ON SALE now!

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thanks for sharing!!!! will definitely try them!!!!!

Oct 14, 2022
Replying to

Let me know if they work out for you! And also if you can find them easily in Denmark! 😊

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