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You need good pictures of yourself. 


Whether it be for your own website, social media, dating app or commemorating a family event, chances are you will have pictures taken at some point. 

You'll probably choose your photographer carefully, and get your makeup, hair and nails done professionally. ​Now - what about your outfits? Are they sending the message you want them to send? Are the colours and the fit flattering? What about accessories?

Based on your goals for the photoshoot, I will help you determine your outfits - clothing, accessories, footwear. If you want, I will also be on set with you to make sure you get the best possible results - without wardrobe malfunctions.

Styling consultation (virtual): 985 NIS / 275 USD


Styling consultation and on-set support: 1700 NIS for a two-hour shoot

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"Jennifer styled me for my photoshoot.

If I had been left on my own, I would never ever have achieved the look I got working with Jennifer.
She helped me take my existing wardrobe and elevate it to style, class, and worthy of a photoshoot.

And when I wanted a casual look, Jennifer also worked with that to make sure I felt comfortable, felt like myself, but would also stand out.

Highly recommended!"

- Andrea Y., Israel

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