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Before you is a basic plan detailing what you can expect from the process. Every single client is uniquely different and if anything needs to be modified to fit your needs, I will gladly tailor the program accordingly. 

The purpose of this program is for you to learn what styles really resonate with you, to put into practice what you've learned, and to elevate your look with my own brand of magic. 🪄

WEEK 1: Putting together your Pinterest Inspiration Mood Board

We will begin by having you put together a Pinterest mood board, and sharing it with me. I will suggest ideas to start you off, and pop in periodically over the course of the week, to see how you're doing. I will direct you in curating your board, and when the overall style feels cohesive, we will move forward.

If you already have a Pinterest board of your ideal style, I will direct you in curating your existing board.

I will ask you to send me pictures of your daily outfits, and at the end of every day, answer questions about how you felt in the day's outfit.

WEEK 2: Closet Edit & dressing according to your Pinterest Inspiration Mood Board

We will go through your closet together and see what items have seen better days (are old/pilled/dated/faded), which items flatter you and which don't, which items you have multiples of, how to style what you already own in flattering ways that reflect your ideal style, and what is lacking. I will make a list and give you many, many tips on how to wear your items, which items to purchase to complete and polish your look, as well as advice on caring for your clothes. We will complete the Closet Edit in approximately 3 hours. (It's rare, but certain clients want to spend a lot more time in their closet. Extra time/sessions can be booked at a rate of 300 NIS/hour.)

After the Closet Edit, I will ask to continue sending me photographs of each day's outfit, as you aim to put together outfits in a way that reflects your ideal style, inspired by your Pinterest board. I will advise you on how you can improve that's day's outfit to polish your look. I will ask you to reflect on how you felt in that day's outfit.


If you are only purchasing the Closet Edit, I will send you a detailed email after this, summarizing our time together, with all the tips and recommendations I gave you during the Edit, and we will skip Week 3-4 and go directly to Week 5.

WEEK 3-4: Shopping Trip

We go shopping! I will ask you what your priorities are. There might be a lot lacking in your wardrobe, and we might not have enough time to cover everything, so knowing our priorities is key. Based on your specific needs, we will decide on the venue (most likely a mall somewhere in the center of Israel). The Shopping Trip is approximately 4 hours.

After the first Shopping Trip, most clients need a second shopping session - whether it be in a mall again, boutique hopping or an online session & online shopping tutorial. The cost of the extra shopping session will vary according to the duration. (This session will be a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours, 300 NIS/hour.)

After the Shopping Trip, I will send you a detailed email summarizing our time together, with all the tips and recommendations I gave you over the course of our time together. I will ask you to continue to send me pictures of your daily outfits, and I will respond with helpful tips and ideas for improvement, if needed.

WEEK 5: Follow-up Zoom, and one month FREE Style Support

We will have another Zoom conversation (approximately 30-60 minutes) to reflect on your style journey. I want to hear what you have to say and answer any questions that have cropped up since we went shopping together. I will be available to you for Style Support - for free - for another month via WhatsApp, if you have questions about future purchases, or how to style specific items or outfits.


After this, it's possible to purchase a monthly Style Support Subscription for 350 NIS/month.


Just the Closet Edit: 1500 NIS and up (1500 NIS for 3 hours; every extra hour is 300 NIS/hour)*

Just the Shopping Trip: 1600 NIS (4 hour Shopping Trip)

Basic Style Makeover: 2500 NIS (3 hour Closet Edit & 4 hour Shopping Trip)

Following Shopping Trips or Online Shopping Tutorial:  300 NIS/hour (minimum 2 hours and maximum 4 hours for the Shopping Trip)

As soon as the first part of the payment (1500 NIS) is made, we will start! The second payment (1000 NIS) should be made prior to the Shopping Trip.

For those who are only interested in the Closet Edit (1500 NIS) or the Shopping Trip (1600 NIS), the full payment should be made upfront.

*Depending on the location, there might be an extra travel fee.

Bank transfer details

Bank: Bank Leumi

Branch: 662

Account number: 4663641

Name: ג׳ניפר נטף

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